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Our Mission

The Purple Spade brings an innovative new approach to marketing and consulting. Our services are tailored to the individual or business. We utilize cutting edge concepts designed to maximize outreach to the target audience. The Purple Spade can take your business to the next level. We pride ourselves on the success of our customers and partners. We offer many services for new or existing businesses. Let us take the reigns and find the key to your success!

Our Goal

Our Goal is You! From start to finish our goal is you. You will immediately know that you are working with a true professional. Our dedication to the customer and the product is our number one priority.

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A Personal touch & value

From our first interaction, we make sure that you feel that you are being taken care of and of course with a personal touch. From start to finish, whatever the project may be you will always know and feel that you are a valued customer. We take the effort and time to know our customers thoroughly! We realize that in today's uncertain economic times, that we are all affected by the ups and downs. That is why we strive to offer the best service at the very best possible price. Every business is different and every business need is different. Let us create the ultimate marketing plan for business!

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